Chon Buri


The Viva Luv Motel in Pattaya is a relatively new place and therefore still in great shape. The design of the rooms is very attractive and modern very much unlike a lot of old dumps, every room designed differently. Rooms are quite big and come with a TV. In case you need some stimulation you might find some naughty movies running on the telly.
Parking space on the ground floor, rooms are on the first floor. A curtain will be closed discretely behind your car and nobody can see who's car is parking there.
The Rooms are available for short time or for a full night.

Open 24/7

Additional Information

Shower: Yes

Bathtub: No

Jacuzzi: No

Television: Yes

Wall Mirror(s): Some rooms

Ceiling Mirror: No

Price: 285 Baht / 3 hours, 750 Baht / night