Bang Lamung Chon Buri


The Star Bungalow just build a second "wing" of brand new and modern bungalows for all Short Timers out there. The individual units look quite nice and provide for the bare basics.
In the rooms you will find beside the bed a TV, a small table with two seats and a large mirror on the wall. Great, who needs more? The toilet is equipped with a hot shower.
You maybe - or maybe not - want to try the old wing, where you get a old room with a fan only for 120 Baht / shorttime.

Open 24/7

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Additional Information

Shower: Yes

Bathtub: No

Jacuzzi: No

Television: Yes

Wall Mirror(s): Yes

Ceiling Mirror: No

Price: 250 Baht / 3 hours, All Night 450 Baht