Samut Prakan


Idea is a nice little Short Time Place with surprising large and well equipped rooms. Large paintings on the ceiling and a Jaccuzzi are proof of an owner who likes the details. A massive wooden bed, the largest flatscreen TV we ever saw in a Love Motel equipped with cable and two Hardcore porn channels, separated Shower from the Toilet, a cozy sofa corner and and and. If it wouldn't be for the sexy ladies fixed to all windows you could mistaken the room for a decent Hotel. Very clean!

Open 24/7

Additional Information

Shower: Yes

Bathtub: No

Jacuzzi: Yes

Television: Yes

Wall Mirror(s): No

Ceiling Mirror: No

Price: 450 Baht for 3 hours, additional hour 190 Baht, more than 2 persons additional 200 Baht per person