Hotel 99


Bangkok, Bangkok Metropolis


An Oldie but Goldie is a phrase that could fit to the Hotel 99 located close to the Phaya Thai BTS Skytrain station. The 66 short time rooms wait hidden behind some office towers.
Despite the age the rooms are kind of well maintained. Ok, the decor might not be mega modern but it's clean enough and the large mirrors on wall and ceiling together with the "special" chair make sure, that this place is getting the "Kinky" Badge!

Open 24/7

Located on 1-way road, only accessable from Sri Ayutthaya Road.

Additional Information

Shower: Yes

Bathtub: Some rooms

Jacuzzi: No

Television: Yes

Wall Mirror(s): Yes

Ceiling Mirror: Yes

Price: 360 Baht Shorttime

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