Welcome to ShortTimeFun.com!

Welcome to ShortTimeFun.com and we are glad you could check in with us!

Well known fact:  Everyone needs a break from time to time and the reasons for such a break are as diverse and varied as Short Time Hotels you can be spending those breaks in.  YES!!! —Short Time Hotels!!!  These are not the quicky “Boom Boom“ rooms from yesterday’s past—Those Rooms found at the end of some urine soaked alley above steamy noodle shop....No, No!   Fact is: Short Time Hotels have come a long way and are now dressed up, clean, and even trendy in their designs and you do not need to wear a fake mustache and giant hat to sneak into these rooms!


ShortTimeFun.com is here to guide the savvy expat, the adventurous traveler, the business man in town for a few days and anybody else interested with finding the nearest and best rated short time rooms in their immediate location.  Nothing can be more frustrating than when it is “Go Time“ and yet, there is no clue where to go!  Or when planning a weekend jaunt, wanting to keep things simple, and in planning this, you realize that you have no idea where a Short Time Fun room can be found!  ShortTimeFun.com is your one stop shop for data and location finding for such rooms.


Just like other Travel and Entertainment Sites, ShortTimeFun.com will also allow for an open community that can share knowledge, experiences, and ratings within the areas that they have experienced.  Stitching a NICE short time experiences requires a string and needle - and with ShortimeFun.com PLUS added community input, the quicky quilt is patched together!  Thoughts, input, photos, and over all experiences will take out the trial and error that can plague a night if wrong choices are made!


We have four different badges that can be awarded to a Short Time Hotel. The badge "Verified" is mandatory in order to receive other badges. The remaining three badges honor special features and efforts.


VERIFIED   Verified stands for Hotels, which information are confirmed by either us first hand or by at least three matching submissions.


CLEAN   Clean means that this Hotel puts an outstanding effort on hygiene and tidiness: Fresh Sheets, clean towels, nice room, tidy shower! 


FUN   The Fun Badge is for places that provide something extraordinary. Be it theme rooms, heart shaped beds, cool lighting, anything that makes it fun!


KINKY   Well, the word says it all. This Badge is for naughty extra that others do not have and adds to the experience... Fun Chairs, Bondage Furniture or or or…!